Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Fairytale...

Much to her horror, the evil demons of Fridge Freezer once again stormed the holy land of My Body. The Princess would have fought valiantly, had they not snuck upon her in the manner that they did, luring her with promises of tomorrow, she succumbed to their evil, believing their lies. In chains she wept. The poison only hurt her more and more, but still, they told her it was good. And she believed. Finally Prince Blogg of Er stumbled upon her and set her free of her captors, sharing with her stories of other princesses who had succumbed to the minions of Food, the evil ruler of Fridge Freezer. And the Prince told the Princess of all the other wonderful people who had overcome the poison from Food, and freed themselves. Her faith renewed, she allowed the Prince to take her away to Er, and she lived happily among the other Princesses, never again falling for the evil tricks of Food.
I wish someone would take me away.
Loving and hoping for better days,

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