Saturday, November 7, 2009


So I have been trying very, very hard to read everyones blog posts that I missed out on from when I was away, But if anyone has looked at my profile and seen how many people I follow ... It's hard to catch up, but I am trying.
Good news! I lost 4lbs in my challenge. Bad news? Instead of starting off at 130, I started at closer to 135. Sucky. But I restricted and lost and have since continued to do so. My weight has stayed pretty much the same for the past three or so months so I'm just happy it changed really, even if it did go up and down rather than just down. I think that after restricting and seeing results I was just happy to know that I was actually making a difference this time. So victory!
I've decided that I need some structure to my day, and that means eating three times a day at set meals. So this morning I had porridge, 200, and for lunch a muffin, and it sounds silly but I didn't realise it was chocolate chip until I bit into it. Was 305. Am bursting with hunger now but am filling myself with diet coke and green tea until dinnertime, which is about an hour and a half away. A tiny amount of time, but a struggle for me right now.
Yesterday I spent about half an hour on the Wii, boxing. My arms kill right now. Have decided to put in place an exercise plan for each day. Not exactly sure what yet, but I'm sure I'll let you know!
Anyway. I'm getting that belly-cramping, headache-y fuzzy feeling right about now. Am contemplating some juice. I know I should avoid liquid cals at all costs, but I've been peeing so much lately, everything just goes straight through me anyway. Sorry if that was TMI, just thought I'd let everyone know!! No such thing as personal space on the Internet.
More later. After dinner, which I made, yay, but has heaps of meat and greasy gross things and pasta (my one true weakness).
Wish me luck.
Love and lite to all.

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  1. Yay! Been missing your posts, girl.

    I know what you mean about the structure thing--it's like if I don't set very specific rules for myself, I always wind up in the kitchen about to chow down. It's ridiculous. D:

    I think pasta is EVERYBODY'S weakness. XDDD Why does it have to be so damn delicious--and high-cal? TT__TT

    But anyways, welcome back! :D