Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Okay, so I've had the biggest headache in the world for the past few days, and I am about to take my darling best friend, my iPod, to bed with me, to sleep (even though its only 8pm), so I don't binge on any more crap than I should.
I was just catching up on all the blogs I've missed out on, and I'm sorry I didn't comment more. I've been having massive food headaches (read: binge headaches) and can't stand the computer screen right now. I only have a few more posts til I go away, so lets hope I lose a little before then. What use is going away to somewhere nice and warm when I'm a fat cow and have to cover up anyway?
Found a new handy dandy website full of inspiring things, will post linkage tomorrow. I have to go to a wedding on Friday and I feel like a bloated pig. Am fasting tomorrow to attempt to slim myself at least a little bit. I know it's useless, but every little helps, no?
So tempted to reach for the candy box right now, but instead will take some water to bed. Really hope tomorrow is a better day, for you guys and me.
Love and Lite,


  1. Hang in there! I'm like you, I go to bed early can so that I won't eat. Awake = eating. Eating = binge. Binge = BAD. :) Makes sense to me anyway.

    Stay strong.


  2. Ouch! Headaches are the WORST. Feel better soon. D:
    And good luck with the fasting tomorrow!

  3. I can swear there's some type of creature pounding on my brain and trying to push my eyes out of their sockets. I think we're all feeling this way right now.

    Going to be early sounds like an amazing idea right now.

    Good luck with fasting, darling.