Friday, October 2, 2009

Day Three

So I only got up an hour or so ago, but I've already had two chocolate bars! And I'm supposed to be having take out with my aunt and uncle. Cause they live twenty minutes away, I figure if I walk I'll burn off a little bit, Plus, I have my yoga and Pilate's to do, and I'm going on the exercise bike as soon as this post is finished. It's in a room which has a TV, so hopefully I won't get bored and decided to stop early.

Yesterday I couldn't get to sleep till almost 4am. Does anyone know anything that can help with that? I listened to music, read a book, watched TV, and was still awake til almost sunrise. I hate it, cause it means I'm wasting most of the day cause I'm either too lazy, or too tired, to do anything afterward. The only plus is, my hunger dissipates in my sleep, so when I get up I only need something small, like a cracker, and I'm fine till dinner. Except for today, when I failed.

I've also been drinking a lot of diet coke, which, okay, is better than regular coke, but I don't like it. The water around here is practically undrinkable, and we don't have any bottles left, and I haven't really felt like having any tea. I'm thinking about going vegetarian though, because I don't really like eating meat. The texture, and thinking about where it's come from? Just makes me want to be sick. Which would be okay if I could actually be sick, but as it so happens, I have an iron stomach.

Speaking of stomachs, here is mine.

I promised, so there they are. My measurements are far too embarassing, so they aren't going anywhere near here till I've lost a bit of weight.

Which fast food won't help, so, as promised, I am off to the bike!

Any tips, pointers, advice or encouragement would really be appreciated.

Love and Light,


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  1. Vegetarian is actually really good for weight loss--about two weeks ago, I did it and I managed to lose about a pound a day. o_O I don't know if it translated into inches, but it felt good seeing the scales go down.