Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eep, Mee-Meep.

I truly cannot understand how one individual can consume so much and still need more. Because my fasting failed, Epically, as you know, I have decided to start my ABC. I don't generally get hungry as much as I just want to eat, so I'm hoping by starting that instead, it'll give me some direction.
One thing I may not have explained about my postage. I'm on holiday. I don't do anything. At all. Zero. Nill. Nada. Niente. Geddit? So to distract myself, instead, I write. I'm hoping that as soon as I get used to it, I'll find other things to do. But right now, all I do is sit around and eat and sleep. And 'cause I haven't been sleeping much ... well you get the point.
My aunt made a roast dinner, but the thought of meat made me ill, so I ate my way around the veggies. I just want to curl up and sleep again. I hope I can hold out for a little bit longer, then when it reaches a semi-decent hour, I actually will be able to sleep.
So tomorrow I start Day Three, And I'm going shopping on my way to my other aunts house, so I don't freak out, as I have previously mentioned could happen. Just soup and crackers really. We're baking at my aunts, so I can feign non-hunger when I get back, and feign non-hunger when I'm there, too. Then, happily, make my little soups. Although they are only about 60 Cal's per pack, so I could have a couple, really, couldn't I? Yay for eating but not consuming. And I can work it all off soon enough, so yay even more. I love plans. I have no idea what'll happen when i go away, but oh well. I'll figure something out, won' I?
Anyway. I'm just going to make this the longest update ever, for fear of wandering into the kitchen. Yes fear. I have no hobbies, cause I can't do anything easily. Other than walking, but people tend to stare at me. And the the amount of fat on me. No thans. So, like Rapunzel in her tower, I sit around, occasionally cycle, and, well, eat. And now update. Theres nothing else for me at the moment. Does anyone know any good Support sites? Perhaps if there were message boards or something?? I odn't know. I hate being so useless.
Love and Lite.

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  1. If you're just eating to be eating, I've got a tip for you, dunno if you've ever heard of it. Chew and spit. It's exactly what it sounds like. You take out a few bites of whatever food you're wanting to eat, and one bite at a time chew it up slowly and then spit it into the trash. Make sure you rinse afterward, just to make sure you don't accidentally swallow anything. It works wonders. :D