Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello, You.

Firstly, thank you to my followers! Secondly, I'm so sorry I'm so Phail-ey at this website. I didn't realise I had comments till now. I feel so intelligent, and I don't think.
Thanks to Eksde and Slowly Fading for your support and advice.
So last time I posted about what I was giving up. I have decided, in an attempt to make myself less ... concentrated on food, to not talk about it for a while. I had a good day today, but couldn't fast because my aunts were watching me like hawks. I wish I was back home where my parents didn't really care what or if I ate, as long I was around some of the time.
So plodding along, reading some journals today, I found someone who posted a list of different things about Ana. I'm not going to link, unless they see this and want me to. Anyway, I took that list, and modified it to myself. I hope you enjoy and get some (th)inspiration.
  1. Fat Cow or Anorexic?
  2. Perfection or Worthlessness?
  3. Food or Thin?
  4. Ana = Control, Food = Ugly
  5. Desire or Disgust?
  6. Need = Beauty, Want = Fat
  7. Would you rather be remembered as the beautiful, skinny girl, or the horrible fat one?
  8. Thin = Grace, Fat = Falling on your face.
  9. Food = Inner Beauty, Ana = Inner AND Outer Beauty
  10. People who eat are selfish and unrealistic.
  11. Have you ever seen a thin person be ignored?
  12. Thin people look good in everything, Fat people shouldn't be seen in public.
  13. Ballerina or Beanbag?
  14. Long, thin life, or short, fat one?
  15. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.
  16. People will praise you for being thin.
  17. People will IGNORE you for being fat.
  18. Not eating ensures a healthy bank account.
  19. Skinny people get better jobs. Just look at celebrities.
  20. Fat people are funny, thin people are successful.
  21. Fat people don't get the lead.
  22. Ana works, Diets don't.
  23. Fat people don't have enough room to be loved.
  24. Just think of Ana as a bad ass action Hero. She's your secret weapon.
  25. Thin = Confidence, Confidence = Happiness.
  26. Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels.
  27. Perfect Body = Perfect Soul
  28. Would you rather be admired for your courage to walk out the door as a size 22, or your courage and strength to say 'No.'??
  29. Think how much better you'll look in photos.
  30. Save Time, Eat Nothing.
  31. Is food more important than happiness?
  32. Thin will always be in.
  33. People don't like Fat People.

If it offends at all, I apologise. If you have more, Let me know. I know there are billions of Ana quotes out there. I just wanted to put my own thoughts into something.

I'll be posting another blog shortly, about what, I'm just not sure.

Love and Lite,


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