Thursday, October 22, 2009


Okay, so I sort of had an epiphany reading through some blogs just now, and I figure I need to set myself non-weight goals. While I'm not really doing anything for the next couple months, I need things to do so that I don't turn to the fridge. So starting from the end of this blog post, tonight, I am going to finish off the second half of the book I'm reading. It's not going to be difficult, it's a chick-lit one designed to make you feel empowered and enjoy being a woman and blah-blah-blah. But the main character is a dim-witted socialite who can only come up with perfectly good reasons for not eating. So I like it.
Tomorrow, I am going to be up at a reasonable hour (about 8am) and I am going shopping with my aunt. It's food shopping, but I figure if I convince her not to buy chocolates etc, I won't be convinced to eat them. Yay for fruit!! And then after that I am going to read most of the other chick lit book I have here. Cause they're easy and distracting.
For now that's all the goals I am going to set myself. I think if I go overboard I will just get overwhelmed and not do anything. So yay for executive decisions!
Updating tomorrow, lovely ladies! I hope you are all well and happy.
(Can you tell I'm starving for no reason and resisting the kitchen??)
Love and strength!!


  1. Goals are always good to have, and keeping yourself busy is an excellent way of keeping yourself away from the fridge. Good luck!

  2. I loveeee chick lit, it's so great at being distracting! What's the name of the book with the socialite? I may need to grab it!
    Stay strong hunnie!

  3. I love distractions. It gives me a reason to do new things I'd never dream of doing, and it keeps the food off your mind.

    Good luck, darling!