Monday, October 26, 2009


First off: Thanks SBB, you make me feel like a not-so-evil person :)
As for Fallen Angel? I'm in. Starting at 130. Luck, and love, to all those involved.
WELL!. I'd love to lie and say I've fasted all day today, but I haven't. I ate my dinner, which was this pasta thing with chicken. I left 90% of the chicken, but ate the rest. I guesstimate about 800 Cal's, which sucks. BUT. I did discover Gods greatest invention: Flavoured Diet Coke. Zesty Lime to be exact. I love Superdrug.
So overall I'm quite happy. Not over-the-moon-I-can't-believe-how-awesome-I-am happy, but happy-with-what-a-good-day-I've-had happy.
Can you tell I love hyphenating those things?
This is the sugar/happiness rush y'all are getting.
So. For as soon as I get my ass off the computer I am going to do some yoga-thingies, then pack my suitcase for Wednesday, which is when I go away. I'm super-duper (thats the hyperactivity talking) excited about going away. It's just a holiday, not really sight-seeing or anything, but it'll be warm and an excuse not to shove food down my throat for lack of anything better. I don't get back until the fourth (I think) but fingers crossed I get internet access before then cause it took me three hours to catch up on three days worth of posties.
Enough about that. Ahem.
I bought cds today. I admit, I am a huge Paramore fan, have been for several years. I haven't got their latest album yet, but I have a heap of their music from other albums and live shows. Ill Eagle downloading, YAY! But I went out today to buy my Grandmothers BDay present (Barbara Streisand, shiver) and found their two previous cds on sale for half price. Don't get me wrong, downloading suits me fine, BUT. I am a psycho and love having proper copies of things. Like when A said he would put all of NIN on my iPod for me, I went out and bought most of the cds anyway. Sshhh. I guess I just like having full collections or something. This way I get al the info from the cds, so I don't care.
Told you, psycho.
Have been looking up all things halloween-y so my sister can have a party. I love themed parties. So much. I am having abillions of them when I go home.
I'm going to go before I start rambling aimlessly. Hem.
Love to you all!!

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  1. glad your feeling better. I like that misery buisness by paramore, good tune :)
    Glad your feeling better and are now so motivated! good luck