Saturday, October 3, 2009


Epic McPhailey-Phail has returned. I was in bed pretty much all day yesterday due to not feeling well, and just as I get up to get a drink, dinner arrives, and my aunt has dished me a plate. so I eat the smallest possible amount to make her happy then sit around for a few hours, then back up to bed at 12:30, where I got about 2 hours sleep. Then read for three, waited another hour and a half and went for a jog. PHAIL JOG. I think I might have developed asthma, cause even now I can't breathe. The jog was only around the park once (I'm starting slow), it took ten minutes. I've been home half an hour!
I felt so ill, the first thing I did was reach for .. food. Not even just crackers or something, but a giant butter croissant. with jam. that had seeds. Feel even sicker, and also disgusted with myself. Had a diet coke and am going to sleep for a few hours now. Later I will go shopping for my ABC. Mostly powdered soup (cause I can't cook, and it's easier to count) and low cal crackers and brownbread. I figure I won't freak out about looking in the kitchen cupboards then, trying to find something to eat, cause it'll already be there, waiting, saying, "Pick me, I'm low cal, don't worry, it's safe!". I know I over-think things, so shoot me. Starting tomorrow, I'm being very very strict. I just want to be happy.
Love and Pieces.

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