Sunday, October 11, 2009


Aw I just found out one of my best friends back home broke up with his girlfriend, who hes been with almost a year. It makes me sad that I can't go hug him and talk to him. I miss home and freedom and knowing where I am.
I miss my friends.
Sadness over.
Had a horrible day today, for not really any reason. Have to go work for my uncle tomorrow, only for a couple of hours, but still. looking forward to a distraction, and hopefully, cause no one will be around I can just take some food in and accidentally forget to eat it. Not that I'm talking about food, cause I said I wouldn't do that.
Got some (very) mild laxatives. That is such a funny word. Can you tell I'm nervous about your reaction to it? Anyway. Just cause I feel all gross and heavy lately. So yeah, hopefully they will make me feel better soon.
Haven't been able to drink much water or diet coke lately which sucks, but eh. Feeling like an over-stuffed potato. But I was talking to a friend just before who said that when she was away from home (she spent a month in an orphanage in Nepal), she found it easy to distract herself by just taking a walk somewhere. It's getting way-heaps colder nowadays, but I know shes right, so it's my new resolve to walk somewhere each day. Just a short walk, but a walk at least. Maybe I'll lose some extra poundage along the way?
Talking to friends is fun. I only have the ones back home to really be myself with. The ones who know me inside-out. My friend (lets refer to him as J) and I have the most amazing conversations. I have a heap of guy friends (I put it down to my inability to relate well to girls and my boy-craziness in my younger years) who I can talk really freely to cause I know that at the end of the day the don't gossip or cause me sh*t.
Anyway. I think I need a little drama right now, but more on that later.
Love and strength,

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  1. Gots to be careful with laxatives. You were good only buying mild ones. Don't take more than two in the space of a day because sometimes they take ages to work.
    Plus, if you OD on them, you won't be able to move from the bathroom for hours and it'll feel as if someones carving your insides out with a very rusty spoon... it's painful.

    I have the same type of relationships with guys... We're quite similar :)
    Good luck on not eating and things ^-^