Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh Em Gee

Thanks for commenting and making my day, Fallen-Angel!
I can honestly say I've never ventured into Topshop for the sole fear of not finding anything in my size. Just one more and I'd be happy to walk in and buy something :)
I talked to my family today, and my mums not mad at me anymore! So that made me happy. My sister is really growing up without me, which makes me sad, but I mean, she's almost 17, so I guess its not that big of a deal. She's aways been a real tomboy so now that she's getting into makeup and fashion, I feel like we connect a bit more. Too bad it took me going half way around the world though! Anyway, for christmas I am showeringher with make-up and clothes. What a lovely big sister. I hope she likes her presents.
Anyway. So today I have beein invited to lunch twice already, but don't really want to go to eaither. I think I'm just going to busy myself tidying up everything I can. Can you say psycho? Anyway.
Will update after my clean-fest. Have a great week, girlies.
Love and strength,


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