Thursday, October 15, 2009


You know what? I was absolutely fine until about 30 mins ago. I had been not eating all day, drinking diet coke till it came out of my ears, and then my aunt gets home and cooks me this huge dinner. And within about 8 minutes, the entire thing is gone. A day of fasting wasted by less than ten minutes. Can you say annoyed?
Last night, or this morning rather, I was up till 4am. Then, just as I get off to sleep, Crash. Crash.Crash. Turns out the glass shower door is weak, and decided to smash itself at 530. So there I am again, awake, till about 630. FML. i really hate not being able to sleep.
Tomorrow is the wedding. All I can think about is my belly protruding from my dress, and I can't help thinking I'm going to be asked if I'm pregnant, I'm that huge. Ew. I don't wanna look like this. Can I just take a moment to say Thank You! to all the people who follow and read and comment and support? You guys are great, and tomorrow I'm going to think of you when I go stuff my face. Peer-induced self-control, yey.
Cause thats what this is about, self control, and my lack of it. I'm just so annoyed at not having it, but i don't know what I can do to get it back. That and my self-respect.
This calls for some angst-y teen music. Enter Rage Against The Machine.
Love and happy mumblings to you all,

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  1. If anyone asks if you're pregnant, just smack them. People who think they can just up and comment on anybody's weight are just so... I can't think of a word strong enough for them. Dickheads. >_<
    And have you ever noticed how it's always the HUUUUUUUGE ones that think they can do that? XD Hypocrites.