Saturday, October 10, 2009


So. From now on, if ever I'm negative, just bash me. Seriously. I'm getting sick of my moaning.
Thats my big decision for today. Just to be happy, and not let things get me down. I've started writing again, so expect a cheesy, cliche poem sometime next week. Gotta love 'em.
Had a good day today. Went shopping, bought two skirts, Size 10, not 12!! I know it's only one size but I'm happy with it. And, welcomed a new addition to the family. A gorgeous pair of black, suede ankle boots. Ah. They feel like heaven. I'm wearing them to my aunts friends wedding next Friday.
This week, I have a lot lined up, so I'm excited to be keeping busy. Tomorrow I'll spend most of the day on the phone and then tidying and sorting out the christmas presents I'm buying (I'm being good and organised this year!!), and I'm helping my aunt tidy the house. I'm claiming illness again to get out of going anywhere, and staying in with my green tea and a book. Early to bed!
On monday I'm posting some birthday cards, then I'm going to take my Wii over to my aunts house and hang out with her for a little while. Then I'll be back here, sorting out my clothes for my trip to Barcelona~~ Can you believe. I'm going to be covering my ass the entire time, but it might give me some real-life thinspiration.
Tuesday is going to be spent picking up my tickets for my trip to London next month, and then buying previously mentioned christmas presents.
Sorted. And if I don't get around to this stuff, feel free to bash the hell outta me.
More tomorrow, I'm sure.
Love and Happiness, angels.

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  1. A good moan is fine once in a while :)
    Ah! The size 12 to 10. I'm a size 10 now and loving it :D
    Extra good if they're New Look size 10 skirts because their clothes are tiny I swear. I can be a size 8 in shirts in topshop but a size 12 there. It's weird :S

    Have fun with all your errands :)